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Brunei Darussalam

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The Royal Brunei Yacht Club - Cricket & Rugby

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Introduction at the British High Commissioner's Tens Tournament.

Meeting the British High Comm. and the Brunei Minister of Defence.

Mike on the move.

Lining up for a tackle against the Penaga Pirates.

Packing down against Penaga Garrison.

Try time for RBYC...

It takes two to stop the Yachties!

A narrow loss in the final to Penaga Garrison.

The Yachties.

Sailing at the Penaga Club beach, Penaga.

IMEX Cricket Sixes Trophy at the Penaga cricket ground.

Sanjiv preparing to despatch the ball to the boundary.

 The victorious Yachties after the cup final! Sanjiv receiving the IMEX Cup trophy.

Some other guy getting a trophy!

RBYC boys with their spoils.

The Borneo Bulletin Report (27/06/00) regarding the RBYC Yachties win in the IMEX Cricket Sixes Trophy.

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Thanks to Lisa Cornett and Stuart Alpe for taking some of the action shots!

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