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Sabah, Malaysia

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Danum Valley Forestry Research Centre

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Welcome to DVFSC!

DVFSC from Sungai Segama.

Breakfast on the verandah.

"Mengaris" (Koompassia excelsa).

"Boo", a 5-year-old wild male Orang Utan seen every 6 months or so (!) eating fruits.

Dragonfly on waterlilly.


Unknown flower.

Wild Ginger (Etlingera elatior).

Clear-winged Moth (Lyssa sp.) on the badminton net.

Dawn fog over Danum Valley.

Red Coral fungi.

 Orchid (Calanthe zollingeri).

Pill millipede......

...and 10 minutes later (worth the wait?!).

Giant millipede (Thyropygus sp..

Upper Air Terjun Tembaling.

Lower Air Terjun Tembaling.

First light on a cloud-filled Danum Valley.

Suspension bridge over Sungai Segama to the Main West trail.

Malay Red Harlequin Butterfly.

Maroon langur (Presbytis rubicunda).

Hairy cup fungus (Cookenia tricholoma) and pink cup fungus (C. suicipes) with worm "tower".

Bearded pig (Sus barbatus).

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