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Sabah, Malaysia

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Mt Kinabalu National Park and Kota Kinabalu

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Mt Kinabalu from Park HQ.

Liwagu River from the river trail.

Liwagu River tributary.

Unknown orchid.

First light on Mt Kinabalu, day of the climb up.

Carson's falls, Mt Kinabalu.

Looking towards the summit from past Layang Layang.

The pitcher plant, Nepenthes villosa (pitcher ~250mm).

Unknown orchid at Laban Rata resthouse.

Donkey's ears peak from Laban Rata resthouse..

Climbing up for sunset, above the treeline at Sayat Sayat hut.

The mysterious Low's gully from Low's Peak (4101m).

Sunset from Sayat Sayat hut.

The next morning.... a foggy sunrise! Andrew and I near the summit.

Sunrise from Sayat Sayat, under the cloud cover.

An inquisitive squirrel.

Pitcher plant, Nepenthes villosa in flower.

Unknown orchid.


Pitcher plant, Nepenthes sp. (10mm pitchers).

Circinate venation at it's best!.

Pitcher plant, Nepenthes sp. (100mm pitchers).

View from the balcony of our room, Tanjung Aru Shangri Li resort, Kota Kinabalu.

Sunset bar (overlooking the islands of Tunku Abdul Raman NP), Tanjung Aru Shangri Li resort, Kota Kinabalu.

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